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Some people are born with insecurity innate
It’s become part of the strain, now an ongoing fate
Remaining a shadow of a distant self
Letting all the darker thoughts crawl in that feeble brain

I don’t know if you’ve heard pundits trying to explain
Facts are based on reason but the end result’s insane
Rusting away in the gutter, rotting out with age
Making every life lesson seem like a huge mistake

So when the light goes on
You’re in a nervous state
From being shunned to long
Being discouraged to wait

For that moment in time
When you can stand back up
When you can draw the line
And determine your luck

Light goes on, nervous state
Shunned too long, discouraged to wait


from North By Northeast, released March 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Bandage Athens, Greece

Four too old to be young punk rockers from Greece blend the music they grew up on with the music they love today. Records, live shows and good times.

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